Thursday, November 1, 2012

From House to Home and Beyond

I have none.
Okay, maybe a little.
But not much.
So here I am today, feeling like I'm about to make a New Year's resolution...on November 1st.  (There's nothing wrong with getting a head start, right?)  I, Carrie, resolve to have a more disciplined life!
Last week I got to read and review an eBook called 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, and I absolutely loved it!  It was such an easy read and had some great, practical tips for achieving more self-discipline in your life, which is something I desperately need!
I truly believe the tips and suggestions in the eBook are very feasible - if you actually follow them.  But that's where my problem is.  I have a million things in my life that I'd like to be more disciplined in, and I say over and over again with all good intention that I'm going to change my habits...and then I just don't do it.
Then I read this eBook, and as soon as I finished it I was inspired enough to get up and accomplish something - right then!  So I tackled a project I'd been ingnoring for a while and really made a lot of progress.  Since then, I've not really done anything else.
So here I am again, starting over.  I'm re-reading the eBook, and following the 21-Day Self-Discipline Challenge, which I am so excited about! I'm go glad for the bloggers who organized this challenge, which is inspired by 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.
The challenge for Day 1 is to complete a small task that has been nagging me, choose a "mega project" to work on over the next 21 days, break it down into 21 bite-size chunks, and then complete the first chunk.
Just typing that sounds a little overwhelming, but I'm not backing down.  Chapter 1 of the eBook puts it plain and simple:  "I am the problem, but I am also the solution."  Convicting, yet encouraging...So no excuses this time!
Since we officially sold our old house last week, we finally have everything moved.  And "everything" is a lot!  But there's this one laundry basket that has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for weeks now, so I chose it for my nagging task to complete.  I finally found a place for everything in it, and I am so glad to see it empty!  (Now I can actually use it for the 20 loads of laundry I do each day!)
Now, my mega project:  No, it's not unpacking all the boxes from the move - although it probably should be!  I want to decorate our house.  Most of the walls in our new place are completely bare, and I am more than ready to make this place look like a home, not an apartment.
So each day for the next 21 days, I am going to get materials for decorating projects, work on those projects, and watch our house get a whole lot more "homey."  Today I have no materials (just a ton of ideas), so the first chunk of my mega project is simply choosing which pictures from our recent family photo shoot to print and display.
Easy enough, right?  And the way things are broken down, each day should be pretty easy.  Then, after 21 days, I'll have accomplished a lot!  Not only will my house look more like a home, I'll have completed a project, from beginning to end.  I'll have achieved a little more self-confidence and self-discipline.  And I honestly believe it's going to overflow into other areas of my life and encourage me to keep going strong.  This is just the beginning guys!
Follow me over the next 21 days - once a week I'll give an update on my progress.  Better yet, follow the 21-Day Challege button below and start your own journey to a more disciplined life!
21 Day Self Discipline Challenge

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