Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Inspiration Behind "Balloons in the Bathtub"

Welcome to my blog!  This is the 1st time I have ever blogged anything, and I am normally quite uncomfortable sharing much personal information over the computer, but I have been inspired.  (I've also been extremely frustrated, confused, and down lately, which is the main reason for my inspiration to blog!)  I need to share my thoughts.  And I've got a LOT of thoughts!

I don't know how many people will ever read my blog, but this is my best idea on how to clear my head and try to organize my thoughts.  I'm the kind of person who lays in bed at night for at least an hour with so many thoughts in my head I have about a thousand things to think through before I can even begin to relax.  And the kind of person who starts planning her child's birthday party a year in advance so I can make sure I've got all the details covered.  And the kind of person who has many, MANY, Word and Notepad documents on her computer of ideas I don't want to forget - all sorts of ideas: meal ideas, DIY project ideas, Mom's group ideas, birthday party & gift ideas, and so on and so on.  I so desperately wish I could experience the phenomenon men get to experience sometimes - having absolutely no thoughts at a certain moment in time!  Oh to think of such a wonderful experience!...wait...not to think is what I'm after.  I know, I know - I'm rolling my eyes at my joke too :)

Anyway, I want to share my thoughts with you, whoever "you" are.  My thoughts on life.  My thoughts on each day as it comes and goes.  My thouhts on my kids.  My thoughts on my struggles and successes.  My thoughts on parenting.  My thoughts on what it means to be a good wife.  My thoughts about my faith.  And also my ideas about no-so-deep things.  Like a really cute DIY ruffled burlap lampshade (my next project).  Or the homemade birthday parties I love to throw for my kids.  Or whatever idea happens to enter my oh-so-full-of-thoughts brain.

Now about the title: "Thank You, God, For Balloons in the Bathtub."  In a crazy beautiful life like mine, and many other mothers (SAHM or working) can relate, it's pretty easy to get to the point where you just want to throw your arms up in the air and yell, "That's it!  I'm done!  It's hopeless!  I've lost all control (and my mind)!"  It's in those moments when you're about to burst, that God sends you little reminders of the the small yet important things through a change of heart and a fresh perspective.  Like how it's unbelievable how much dirty laundry 2 children and a husband can produce in one day!...but aren't you happy your family can afford all those clothes?...and can you imagine life without all that laundry because you had no husband or children?  Or when it's the end of a day in which the kids' bedtime couldn't come fast enough and you storm into the bathroom to wash away the day's frustrations and hopefully your bad mood that's built up all day, and you not-so-gently open the shower curtain which causes the curtain and the rod to fall at your feet and just adds to what has to be the "worst day ever!"...and then you are surprised to see the bathtub not empty, but full of red and blue balloons leftover from your child's birthday party...and you think about how much you love those silly kids of yours who put those balloons in there...and you can't help but sigh, relax your shoulders, smile, and thank God for the balloons in the bathtub.


  1. Very nicely put. What was your inspiration?

  2. Yay Carrie! I'm so proud of you. I'm sure I am not the only mother who can relate to this. Love and miss you, and look forward to reading future blogs!
    Rita Beth :-)

  3. Carrie, what an inspiration. Rita Beth sent me a link and I read it through without looking to see who the author was. As I was reading I was able to relate to the author and agree with what was written. You can imagine my surprise when I got to the end and saw your name. I'm already looking forward to the next issue. Cindy

    1. Thanks Cindy! I've really been enjoying this. Hope I stick to it.