Monday, October 8, 2012

Mommy Moment Monday: Their Story, My Truth

"[My kids] will tell my story and their story will be my truth."
(Written by Courtney, from Women Living Well )
What a sobering thought!  I just read today's blog post from Courtney, and let's just say, God is convicting me to be a better mom!  He has given me revelation that I will be held accountable for my behaviors around my children and the way I raise them (or don't).  I know that sounds kind of obvious, but this concept has really just clicked recently. 
God knows all.  Every. Little. Thing.  But He's not the only one keeping me accountable.  My kids keep me accountable too.  Or at least they will.  They may not have formed many opinions on the type of mother I am or fully understand how I've impacted their lives yet, but one day they will.  One day "they will tell my story and their story will be my truth."
When my kids are older, I want them to look back and say that I was a gentle, compassionate, attentive, gracious, and nurturing mother.  I want them to say I always had time for them.  I want them to say I took care of them and the house without grumbling.  I want them to say I put their needs above my own.  I want them to say I loved them and their father very much.  I want them to remember me as a good mom.
But more than that, I want them to say I loved Jesus and I loved others.  I want them to say I taught them about God's Word and that I lived my faith out every day.  And I may not be the one who gets my children into Heaven, but I do have an impact on my children's salvation.  I can do everything in my power to lead themt o Jesus.  I can show them the way to eternal life.  And I can pray that they choose that way.
So maybe I shouldn't focus so much on the kind of mother I want my children to remember me as, but on being the mother my kids need me to be.  They may need me to be exactly as I described I want to be, but the focus is on them.  And if I strive to be everything they need me to be, their story and my truth will be good.  I pray that their story and my truth will ultimately be that I helped lead them to Jesus.
I'm never going to be the perfect mother.  But God gave me my two beautiful children, which means I am the perfect mother for them.  God doesn't make mistakes.  God knew that I was the mother my children needed.  God believed in me as a mother, and that encourages me!  That gives me confidence in my abilities as a mother!  It also makes me fully feel the responsibility of being a mother.
I am so grateful that God has entrusted two precious children to me and my husband.  But I recognize that they belong to Him, and that it's my responsibility and honor as their earthly parent to lead them back to their Heavenly Father.
Thank you, God, for giving me such an important job!


  1. Came across your blog through WLW link up... I find myself in the same boat as you - doing my best to be a wonderful mom to my two kids, and yet I fail, daily. I'm looking to Christ and leaning on HIs power alone to help me. He is faithful!
    God bless as you look to Him too!
    ~Megan at Increase My Hunger

    1. Thanks for stopping in! And thank you for your encouragement Megan. Motherhood, with all its ups and downs, is definitely much easier when you know you're not alone. But not only are there fellow moms all around us, we are truly never alone if we have Christ! That's is such a comfort!