Friday, October 26, 2012

So Serious!

I've been thinking about my blog, and it seems like all the posts have been so serious lately!
If I remove myself as the writer and think about the person behind the blog, I just want to purse my lips, furrow my eyebrows, and say, "Aww, so serious!" in the same way I say it to my 4-year-old son when he's all worked up over something so small.
Now I know when he gets worked up it's over something very important to him, so I don't want to belittle his problems.  And I concede that while my problems are a little bigger than his, they're pretty small too in the big scheme of things.
So today I want to laugh.  I don't want to write another serious post about changing my perspective, appreciating what I've got, or focusing on the important things.  There are also a lot of people around me who need prayer right now - and they'll get it.
But right now, I just want to laugh.  I have to laugh.  And there's plenty to laugh at.  Believe me, this list is not comprehensive! 
Like when the kids and I went to our old house a couple days ago:  as soon as we got there my son had to go to the bathroom with some tummy issues.  I got him cleaned up, and then (forgive me for disclosing too much) I had to go to the bathroom with some tummy issues...during which my son had to go to the bathroom again.  He was in the hall bath yelling at me in the master bath, and I was yelling back at him to hang on.  Then my daughter walks in and informs me she's got a dirty diaper.  What a way to start our last day there!
Or yesterday, when we were at the title company in the middle of closing on our house:  with tummy issues similar to the day before, my son had an accident in the bathroom.  I got him cleaned up, ran out to the car about 10 times, rummaged through our loaded-down car, and finally got him changed and everything taken care of.  Then my daughter, right on cue, informs me again that she's got a dirty diaper..and I'm out of wipes, of course!
The day continued with frequent potty breaks on the drive home, and a short trip to Menards with 2 incidents of my son screaming, crying, and running full speed to the bathroom yelling "I'm about to have an accident!"  I think every eye in the store was on us!
There seems to be a theme here...Let's move on!
These next things are not really things to laugh about, but they're an example of how things just don't always work out like I want them to.  (So I guess this is my little serious note I have to add in - be careful with expectations...they can set you up for disappointment!)
I won't go into a lot of detail about either of these things, so long story short:  my birthday was earlier this week (and by the way, I LOVE my birthdays), and I got to see my husband for about 5 seconds.  He had to work all day and then something very unexpected came up he had to go do that was way more important than my birthday.  Definitely NOT how I expected my birthday to be, but that's the way it goes.
And my parents were visiting last weekend and I was so excited for them to visit the church my family's been attending.  Well, some big things have happened in the church recently and the morning had a very somber note to it.  Again, not the way I pictured it.
Most things these days aren't the way I pictured them - and all I can think of is the quote, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans!"
I think God's getting a real good belly laugh over me right now!  And as per instruction from the pastor Sunday morning, I think I'm just gonna shrug my shoulders and have a belly laugh myself :)
What else can I do?!

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  1. This reminds me of a 'booklet' you once wrote a very long time ago, called "toilet troubles"
    love ya!