Monday, September 10, 2012

Mommy Moment Monday - Duct Tape

Duct tape fixes everything, doesn't it?!  We seem to use a lot of duct tape around here, and I'm sure many other households do too.  One of our daily uses of duct tape is for taping socks over my son's hands at bedtime.  Yup.  You read that right.  We tape socks on our son's hands.  Now before you go and nominate me for the Worst Mommy of the Year award, hear me out.

My son and I both get a lot of bug bites.  I mean a lot!  Like, when we lived at our old house we would spend 2 minutes outside and end up with chigger bites all over our bodies.  And now we've moved to the mosquito capitol of the world.  Everywhere we go, there's a mosquito (or 100) just waiting for us.  Right outside our door, in our car, and even inside our home.  Apparently, we are the tastiest people in town.  Lucky us.

While I can refrain from scratching (most of the time), my son cannot leave his alone.  And when I say he cannot leave his alone, I mean he scratches every single bite until it is scratched open and then he continues to scratch them for days, leaving scabs and sores all over his little body.  We have a cabinet full of every kind of itch relief medicine that has ever been made - but despite all that, he still scratches.  Especially when noone is at bedtime...

So we started putting socks over his hands at night.  He would take them off and scratch.  I finally got fed up one night, stormed into the kitchen, grabbed the duct tape (experiencing strong déjà vu, which I'll explain in a minute), and made sure he couldn't get those socks off!  It worked, so we've continued to do it.  I am so happy this year's mosquito season is almost over!

Now to explain the déjà vu: my other duct tape Mommy Moment.  A couple years ago my son asked for a banana, so I got him one, peeled it, and cut it in half thinking it would be easier for him to handle.  Well, this is not what he wanted.  He threw a huge fit and screamed for it to be put back together.  When I couldn't convince him that wasn't possible, and reason with him that it would taste just the same, I said, "Fine!"  Then just like the sock incident, I stormed into the kitchen, grabbed the duct tape, and proceeded to duct tape his banana back together. 

My husband died laughing, and after my son stared at the banana confused for a few seconds, he giggled too and all was well with the world again.  The banana slid out from the tape when he picked it up, but he just quietly ate the two pieces as if nothing had ever happened.  Duct tape fixes everything, doesn't it?!

Anyone else out there have a mommy moment that includes duct tape?  If so, leave a comment - I'd love to hear about it!

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