Monday, September 24, 2012

Mommy Moment Monday: Say "Shrek Smoothie!"

This weekend we had our family pictures taken.  I really loved the setting!  We did the pictures on a country road lined with trees (which I didn't even know existed in this super-flat, lacking-in-trees, non-wooded, covered-in-fields part of the world), and in a cotton field.  I grew up in farming country, and I like really like fields - I love the color green, I love to watch them grow, and I love the nice, neat rows.  What I mainly saw was bean and corn fields, but my favorite was always wheat.  Wheat fields are just gorgeous - their golden color and they way they sway in the breeze - and then I saw a cotton field.  They are so pretty too!  You see the brown earth underneath, the dark stems and leaves, and then BAM!  Bright white balls of cotton!  The contrast is really neat!
Anyway, so now you know I like fields.  I like trees too.  And the country.  So it was very refreshing to spend a couple hours on that country road and in that field, since I haven't been too impressed with my new surroundings so far.  And yes, we spent a couple hours there for pictures...but mainly because my children were being impossible!  It was like pulling teeth trying to get them to look at the camera and smile.  I'm all for action shots, but one nice family portrait where everyone is looking and smiling would be nice.  Hopefully we got something close to that out of the shoot.  But regardless of how good the pictures turn out, it was really enjoyable to be outside and to see the trees and the cotton.  Still, I don't want to hear or utter the words, "Say Cheese!" again for a very, very long time!

This morning, although I wouldn't have been surprised if my kids had turned and run in the opposite direction at the sight of a camera, I pulled mine out during breakfast.  We had smoothies for breakfast and they were green.  Like bright, monster green - hence the "Shrek Smoothie."  The kids thought they looked pretty cool, liked the name, and loved the taste!  They hardly took their cups away from their mouths before they were empty.  When they did put their cups down, they had hilarious green smoothie mustaches (or in my daughter's case, a hilarious green smoothie covered face)!  They thoroughly enjoyed cheesing for pictures today, and I thought, "These are my kids!"  Crazy bedhead, green faces, non-matching outfits, and acting silly.  While I really do want some great pictures to hang on our walls, I can't wait to print out their Shrek-face pictures!
I love my silly kids, even if it means getting family pictures taken is more of a chore than it is fun.  Oh well.  We don't get family pictures done very often.  And I've accepted that my kids will probably never be the kids who just stand still and smile for the camera.  That's okay.  I have so many silly pictures of them that represent my true children so many fun Mommy Moments!  Here are my Shrek-faced babies:

I love them so much!
Have a great Monday everyone!

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